Monday, February 21, 2011

And This Week's Lesson Is: Not All Companies Update Their Websites

The good part of our project to take in a different free event every week is that we have found some really great stuff that happens around the valley.  The BAD part is, lots of it is stuff we want to keep attending, but we only get to count it once.

For instance, we have been attending a 4-week lecture series on water-wise gardening/landscaping at the Boise library.  It has been really interesting, but it really only counted as a new event the first week.  Same with attending the Monday night knitting group at the branch library up the street--I'm free to keep attending, but I still need another free event for the week.  So, as you might have guessed from the lack of blogging, we've become much busier than I think we actually intended.

This past week we had a bit of a problem, as I was at the hospital with my parents on both and Tuesday for my father's hip surgery (and he's doing well and got to go home today), and Wednesday was the third part of the water lecture which Andy attended as I was pretty exhausted by that point, so by Thursday we were a bit desperate to find a free event and decided to use one of the "occurs every week" backup events, and decided to drive out to Rembrandt's Coffee Shop in Eagle to take in the Thursday jazz night listed on their website.  Andy took a magazine, I took knitting....and the jazz night had obviously taken a powder quite some time ago as there was not so much as a guy in the corner humming to himself.  I had double-checked the coffee shop's website to make sure the jazz night was still listed, but apparently that only works if the company ALSO checks their website.  Go figure.  We decided that we still got credit for the event because we did go in good faith....and we were having guests for dinner on Saturday and were running out of time.  Funny how that works.

THIS week we actually are doubly covered as there's a book lecture at the library tomorrow that I want to go to, and then Andy's woodturning group is involved with a wood worker's show and exhibit on Saturday--which is technically not free, so maybe we just have one free event and are paying to go to a wood show.  Which you don't hear people say very often.........

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