Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Tuesday

*  Last week's free event was a class on raised garden beds at a local nursery.  SHOCKINGLY, most of their information involved buying products that they--just by sheer coincidence--happened to be selling.  Amazing.

*  My father had a hip replacement yesterday, so I was in Weiser at the hospital all day.  He's doing really very well, I think, but I had to laugh when one of the nurses asked if he had been able to move on his own when he came in for the surgery.  The man is 68 and until the last couple months was still jumping on and off of wagons and tractors.  But at least being really active before the surgery will help speed the post recovery surgery.

*  I have a friend who owns a chocolate shop, and they not only make their own candies, but they ship them anywhere.  This could be a problem..........

*  Saturday night we went to see a double-header basketball game between BSU (local team) and my alma mater, the University of Idaho.  I've seen lots of information about BSU trying to encourage people to watch more of the girls' basketball games because their attendance is so low, and after one night, I can tell them what the problem is:  The girls' game started at 6:00 and ended before 8:00.  Then you're supposed to wait around the stadium for more than an hour with nothing going on until the boy's basketball game starts at 9:00 pm.  Note to BSU:  Well duh!

*  Not that I have ever wanted to go back to living in a small town, but there is something AMAZINGLY reassuring about being in a small hospital where the nurses and patients have known each other for the last 40 years.

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LoriU said...

Hope your Dad is doing OK!!

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