Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I Have Learned This Week

*  Stenciling the bathroom on the first day one feels slightly better after being sick is a great way to feel much worse the next day.

*  If one ever gets the urge to repair a bedspread, it would be far less painful to take a heavy club and beat oneself repeatedly on the head until such urge passes.  

*  The attend-one-free-event-every-week could have used an "unless one is sick" loophole

*  I can sit through a free lecture on soil improvement even when sick, but that doesn't mean that I'll retain very much.

*  Most of the advice we've received on gardening is turning out to be wrong--especially the unsolicited advice.  Which makes it pretty much like a lot of unsolicited advice one is given.

*  The blossom-end-rot-can-be-prevented-by-adding-calcium thing I once posted on here?  TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY WRONG.  No wonder it didn't work.

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