Monday, March 14, 2011

And Now We're On To Trees

Last week's free event was a tree care class at the library--again a series of 4 classes, but somehow we missed the first one.  There were handouts and I took as many notes as I could, but I left the class with the firm realization that I seem to know NOTHING about anything that grows outside our house. 

Last week we learned the importance of trimming trees and how to do it.  Or at least, that is the theory.  If we manage to trim our tree without any visits to the hospital or emergency calls to arborists, then I'll be willing to say that we learned something.  Did you know that lots of tree damage could be prevented by pruning off weak branches?  From the looks of the trees in our neighborhood, this isn't common knowledge, so I guess I don't feel too silly.  Or at least if I am silly, I moved to the right neighborhood.

So far this year we've learned that we have been putting the wrong stuff on our soil, that we have trees that will eventually have weak branches that could be damaging because we're not trimming them like we should, that we know nothing about Japanese architecture, that we had no idea what Goodwill Industries actually does, and that my education was almost completely lacking in the "Who first discovered this place?" trivia.  This week we'll be attending a lecture on Nepal, which will be fitting in nicely to our theme of "things I know nothing about."  Thank heavens there's a different library book sale coming up in April.  Buying books--at least THAT is something I know!

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