Thursday, April 14, 2011

Battlestar Gardenia

Yesterday I baked some of the pumpkins that I didn't plant in last year's garden.
In fact, I've never planted whatever strain of pumpkin this actually IS, and wouldn't choose to do so as it's rather stringier than I would actually want.  Not that my opinion actually matters much in our garden.  I'm trying to adopt more of a zen-type approach to the garden.  Provided it's something edible, I will try not to bitch about what comes up in the garden, even if I didn't plant it.  Or want it.

Speaking of which, I know I have read somewhere about using old milk (or vinegar, in our case) jugs as little seed incubators in the garden, so I have decided to give it a shot.  As they are fairly easy to grow and are definitely things that I would normally not plant until the first of June, I soaked some cucumber, zucchini, and a buttercup squash overnight
then planted them in the garden with a jug (bottom removed) over the top of each of them like so:
We debated about whether or not the caps should be on the jugs, but by the next morning water had condensed on the inside of the jugs, so it's making a difference even without the lid and occasionally we're getting warm enough temperatures to bake the seeds if the caps were actually on, so we'll try it this way.  As it's early and I never use seedlings for squash and cucumber, if it doesn't work it really won't change anything for us.  We will still be pulling rogue cucumber plants out of ever part of the garden, we'll still get mystery squash, and probably something that we never intended to plant.  So, what could we possibly have to lose?

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KT said...

Hmmm I haven't heard of the jug thing. And you don't cut the bottom out of the jugs? You just put them on top? Weird. I'm interested to see how your experiment goes.


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