Friday, April 1, 2011

Headlines That Would Definitely Be April Fool's Jokes

*  Middle East Leaders Announce, "You know, this three thousand years of fighting thing has gotten kind of old.  Maybe we should try something else."

*  Oil Company Executive Says, "We're Devoting All Of Our Efforts To Getting Those Oil Spills Cleaned Up and The Damage Repaired"

*  Fox News Hires Fact-Checkers

*  2012 Superbowl Planned To Be An Understated, Tasteful Event

*  Martha Stewart To Be New Spokesperson for Hamburger Helper

*  Diet Industry Profits Falter As Americans Realize Eating Less And Exercising More Really Works

*  NBC Announces Upcoming Reality Television Series That Features Thoughtful, Intelligent People

*  U.S. Media Outlets Decide To Stop Talking About Charlie Sheen

*  Twitter Activity Dwindles As Americans Realize One Can't Have Thoughtful Communication In 180 Characters Or Less

*  Americans Go One Entire Week Without Referring To Anyone As "Hitler."

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KT said...

LOL. Nicely done!


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