Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We Have Garden!

We had a night dipping into the 20s which took out my poor little cucumber plant, but my zucchini

is fine and the  buttercup squash is surviving.
Sort of.  It has looked better.  Of course, it might not even BE buttercup squash,  The seed came from that packet, but I'm only averaging about 50% on the squash I actually get being the squash I planted, so it could be anything. 

Speaking of unhappy plants, the tomatoes in the Wall-of-Waters are still alive,
but they're pretty droopy in places. 
I'm not sure that these sickly-looking plants will actually start producing tomatoes any sooner than any other tomatoes, so meet the back-up plan:
We have some very happy Early Girl starts in the window in Andy's office.  (I'm still working on that greenhouse zipper, that's why)  I planted two seeds per square, and I think every last one of them is growing--though they have all moved into one or two squares.  I'll try separating and replanting them next week. 

Speaking of seedlings, meet Experiment number 1:
 Celery!  I guess I should have started the seeds in maybe January, as it took a solid month for them to even germinate, so I'm not sure how viable these guys will be in 6 weeks, but they look cute.  And experiment number 2:
Peppers!  These guys need warmth, so they're in a modified mini-greenhouse in one of the windows (plastic bags with heated water added to the tray daily), and just started sprouting this week.  We have a salsa window!!!!

The stuff already in the garden is doing really well--when Theo hasn't dug it up.  He's gotten a lot of the snow peas, but I just keep planting.  I figure I just have to stay one or two plants ahead of him...and maybe plant when he isn't looking.
 In the bottom left corner are 4 mustard green plants, and I've started using some of the leaves.  I'd never had them before, but they've got this wonderful almost horseradishy flavor--well, it's wonderful if you like horseradish, I suppose.  It's still too early for anything else, but check this out:
 Our first potato is sprouting!!!!  Several people told me I planted them too early, but the guy at the nursery said it was fine, so I guess that's one for the nursery guy.  I'm hoping it's one of the blue/purple ones I planted, but after last year, I'll take anything. 


Abby said...

I'm jealous! My lettuces/radishes have sprouted, and the garlic is up, of course. The rest is biding its time.

Mandy said...

Your garden is certainly doing well. I hope you don't have too many more chilly nights.

KT said...

Nice! We are sprouting kale, brussel sprouts, spinach, bibb and romaine lettuce, bok choy, swiss chard and beets so far from seed. Hopefully they continue to flourish!


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