Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dear Newly "Upgraded" Yahoo Mail:

Obviously, I now have your new version....mostly because you took away my old version.  I suppose it is now handy that I can see when I'm on line.  In case I ever decide to Instant Message myself, I'm sure this will be useful knowledge.  However, it might have been slightly more useful if you had kept my calendar settings, or notified me that you had changed them so my husband and I could no longer see each other's calendars.  Although, I must admit that in usual scheduling problems, at least one of us knows what is going on, so it was indeed a unique experience that neither of us had any clue.  I don't think we could have managed that without your help.  I suppose I should thank you for keeping our lives "interesting."

However, as summer is coming and lots and lots of garden bugs which will also be determined to make our lives interesting, perhaps you could just stop doing upgrades for a little while--at least until I relocate my contacts and my calendar.

With sincerest best wishes,



Abby said...

I received an email about the new yahoo mail, but since "beta" is in the name, I have not enacted it yet. So far, the old email is still working for me. I did update my password at their request, though, even though that too was easily circumvented.

Anonymous said...

I can't find out how to update my yahoo messenger status! It seemed to just disappear! And what if I only want the contacts who are ONLINE to show? This is not comfortable. I went back to the old yahoo.

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