Tuesday, May 24, 2011

They're Back!

About a week ago, I found a small dark moth in the cupboard where we keep the coffee cups.  Being no moth expert, I couldn't tell for certain that it WAS a pantry moth (possibly because I smushed him too quickly), and if he was he was one of the dumber sort as he had moved into a cupboard containing glass and stoneware, so I washed up the moth guts and went on with my life.

Shortly thereafter, there was a small moth in the pantry.  Not in any food--just in the pantry.  Far more worrying, but I squashed him and checked all the containers yet again to make sure they were properly sealed.  This time a bit more unnerved but unable to find any further traces, I went on with life, but a bit more alert.

Yesterday, however, we unmistakably found two of the little demons.  No longer messing around, Andy squashed them both, we again checked everything in the pantry, replaced the old moth traps, and are now slightly loopy from the industrial moth killer Andy sprayed on the walls.

We are hoping that these guys are maybe ones that were in cocoon stage when we sprayed before, and maybe stayed in that stage all winter and are just now hatching, because otherwise we are at a complete loss.  EVERYTHING that goes into the pantry spends 5 days in the freezer first, and everything is in air-tight containers, and nothing shows any signs of worm babies.  Still, we are on high alert and are considering installing one of those pressurized airlock things outside the front door to screen anyone new entering our house.


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