Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I Have Learned This Week

*  When Yahoo updates, I lose my calendar settings.  When Blogger updates, I lose my blog post complaining about the Yahoo updates.

*  A decorative thistle is still a thistle

*  Only an idiot tries to do all the spring planting in one day.

*  Just because a "flat" of petunias takes up about the same room that 20 petunia seedlings might take up, it does not therefore mean that a flat contains 20 petunias.  The number seems closer to 50.

*  100 petunias is a LOT of petunias.

*  100 petunias take up more space than one might think.

*  No matter how many times I verify it in the book, having 4 potato plants in one square foot is a bit frightening to me--especially now that the plants are growing at least an inch a day.

*  Strawberry plants can survive a lot of things, but apparently not my weeding attempts.

*  I'm less crabby about the moles eating our tulip bulbs now that the iris are starting to bloom

*  Finding out that a flower is a "heavy reseeder" before planting it might have been a bit more useful.

*  All directions on seed packets make plants sound fussy and hard to grow.  Even the ones that have started expanding and taking hostages.


Ella said...

Are we talking Aquilegia? Mine are starting to bloom and looking so lovely. Who cares that they've taken over the garden? ;-)

Viviana said...

Yahoo! & Blogger upgrade... just so you know, your "Dear Yahoo" letter showed up on my Google reader, but it's not on your blog - go figure! (If you want the text, just let me know - it was pretty funny!)

When I saw the Yahoo! upgrade invite (upgrade early!) I immediately interpreted is as "screw up your mail settings early!"

I understand it will happen whether I want it to or not, but I've yet to have one of these upgrades that didn't result with me using all the four-letter words I know in one very long sentence. Over and over.


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