Thursday, June 9, 2011

There Has Been Gardening!

So the ONE slight hiccup with square foot gardening is not realizing how big a plant is going to get--or, how big four of them are going to get.  This:
jungle of vegetation is the mustard bed.  I lost some radishes underneath that monster, but luckily the Romaine and the broccoli are holding their own so far.  Speaking of broccoli,

it's ready!  Actually, this is the last big head.  For the first time in my gardening life, I have harvested the big broccoli heads BEFORE they flowered!  I am seriously pleased with myself--this could make my gardening year.  

Actually, I'm also pretty excited about these:
my pepper seedlings started by seed.  Okay, I started them a bit later than I should have as they're still a couple weeks away from being ready to be planted, but I have to admit that I wasn't all that serious when I planted them because I didn't think it would work.   After 4 years of attempted gardening, my confidence in my own gardening ability is something slightly below zero, so I really just started these guys on a whim one day.  If they all survive to maturity, we'll of course be overrun by the things, but I'm a bad transplanter, so I think we'll be kissing at least 25% of these good-bye.  Still, I'm immensely proud of them.

We have a new secret weapon against slugs and weeds this year:
Wood shavings!  I have high hopes that the shavings will completely shred the slimy little slug bodies if they try to get anywhere near my tomatoes this year.  Unfortunately, the shavings don't work at all against the biggest Destroyer of the Garden:
So far my "helper" has killed off 1 tomato, 4 cucumbers, 5 celery plants, and I am pretty sure the rearrangement of radishes can be chalked up to his "help" as well.  My latest Theo-defense strategy:
A little "container" gardening for herbs.  Technically, this may also work to keep the herbs going in the greenhouse over the winter, but I'd be willing to settle for just being able to have some basil that Theo hasn't turned into a 4-inch crater.

Theo's key for successful pet-human relations:  Lowered expectations.....................


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of planting cat nip in a corner of your garden? Wonder what Theo would do then?

Abby said...

I've been saving egg shells to use for slug control. We can compare notes! I've been starting my own flowers, but next year plan to try tomatoes and peppers. Good luck with your transplanting!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I enjoy it. I have the same problem with my dogs. They help by digging holes in my raised beds and helping themselves to the veggies. We put some small fences up hoping they would get the hint but today I have a replant lettuce and swiss chard because I have 2 new holes. I am just going to chalk it up to succession planting.


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