Monday, June 13, 2011

Things I Have Learned This Week

*  For sheer entertainment value, I rank shopping for a new computer monitor right up there with shopping for new underwear or socks

*  When some of your plants have outgrown the square-foot they were given and have started taking hostages, it's time to rip them out

*  Ask your spouse if he heard rain last night before freaking out that the sprinklers have lost their minds and completely soaked the garden

*  If one actually doesn't have a clue what the seedlings are supposed to look like, it makes it really hard to weed around them

*  One can make a really good salad by adding chopped fresh mint and a bit of feta to salad greens, but it's not the best idea to try to put one's contacts in immediately afterward.

*  Mint oil doesn't completely come off one's hands after washing with soap and water

*  Mint oil in the eye stings a lot

*  Checking to find out A) what the nasty little miniature flies are and B) whether the bug spray will have any effect ON the nasty little miniature flies BEFORE applying might have been a better choice.

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