Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thought For The Day

Just because my new computer monitor IS bigger than our television, it does not therefore follow that we need a bigger television.  Walking across the room to read subtitles is exercise.


Alacaeriel said...

My mother bought a new computer monitor recently. She got one of the smallest ones there, and she still says "my monitor can't be that big!" every time she sees it.

...I think it's a conspiracy between monitor makers and TV makers to get us to want bigger TVs

Abby said...

Those subtitles! I broke down a while back and bought a big screen HDTV - well, it's bigger than I had before. I was going to buy a 17" lap top this year, but they looked HUGE to me - not my idea of a LAPtop - so I stuck with the 14" one.

Lance Vartanian said...

Reading subtitles is a real drag. Honestly, I hate reading subtitles too, but sometimes, the sound quality is just bad and/or the bass is too loud that I have to read rather than listen to understand the dialogue. You’ve watched “Batman: The Dark Knight,” right? Don’t get me wrong, the movie was awesome, but Christian Bale’s hoarse Batman voice was just really inaudible, even on a good sound system, that I had to turn on the subtitles just to understand what he’s saying. It’s a good thing too that my computer monitor was still visible even from 2 meters away. I like to watch movies lying down on my sofa rather than sitting up.

Lance Vartanian

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