Monday, July 25, 2011

The 80s Are Coming!

I get special "pattern of the week" emails from most of the pattern manufactures, which is really the only way I ever know what is going on in the world of fashion.  Today I was amused to receive this
from McCall's patterns.  Does this remind anyone of anything?????  Like, the 1980s?

The funny thing to me is that the 1980s-inspired fashions are making a comeback just at the time that will have children as their parents did, which in my teenager years was the HEIGHT of uncool.  I suppose the clothes can go with the rap music, which was new and "edgy" more than 25 years ago now, which is how it originally involved records.  Do kids today really not think up anything new, or is it just me?

I would be thrilled if this would mean that the days of having to see everyone's thong underwear over their hip-hugger pants and the so-freakin'-common-it-has-a-name "Muffin-top," but I don't think leggings are exactly going to be an improvement.  This was a hard look to pull off in the 1980s, and let's be honest, American kids have gotten a lot fatter since then--to say nothing of adults.  While I seriously applaud the positive-self-image campaigns and the efforts to not ostracize children or adults because of weight, it still doesn't change the fact that some clothing options--tights, hip-hugger jeans, anything skin-tight--looks best on skinny 12 year olds.  It just does.  EVERYONE can find clothing styles that are flattering for their weight and shape, so why is it that so many of us would rather look awful in what is "in" rather than looking "good" in something else?  And can we figure this out before spandex sweeps the nation?

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