Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bring On The Heat!

Well, not really, but I seem to have no control over these things anyway. 

It's supposed to be HOT this weekend.  Like mid-nineties hot, which is a far cry from Arizona-style hot, but quite a change from the nice cool weather we've been having.  I took advantage of one of the cool days to make pickled carrots.
I've never tried them before, and these are store-bought carrots rather than homegrown, but one thing about trying to stick with non-processed foods is that "fast" and "easy" fly out the window.  Need a quick appetizer?  Hand someone a carrot or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but ONLY if the peanut butter, bread, and jelly are all homemade.  So you see the problem.  In the winter I can get away with making up various concoctions of hot squash dips to be served with the few kinds of plain tortilla chips that are allowed, but A) it's summer and I'd like some cooler options, and B) 12 months of hot squash dip gets really, really, REALLY old.  So I now have 7 pints of pickled carrots--3 with hot pepper and 4 without--and that probably means that 4-6 weeks from now, guests here at the Chateau can pretty much predict what they will be served....

I also thought it might be nice to plan something cool for the weekend, so I took what might be the last of the strawberries,
mixed it with some overripe bananas,
 and wildly overestimated the capacity of my popsicle mold. 
Oops.  So we have two frozen smoothies as well.  At least I'm not cleaning goo off the counters and cupboards like I normally end up doing when I estimate volumes so insanely far off.  And I have that whole "air-conditioning" thing as a back-up plan just in case................

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