Friday, July 29, 2011

The Garden..........That Never-ending Saga of Nature vs. Toni

So, the good news:  The basil is finally healthy enough for large-quantity projects, so today I made and froze basil-walnut pesto:
The good/bad news:  Another canning  rack rusted into uselessness, but I think it might finally stop Theo from destroying the new cucumber plants
as he has done to almost all the OTHER cucumber seedlings.

The "what initially seemed to be bad news" news:  The zucchini plant that I didn't plant is a very, VERY exuberant plant, and we've how harvested six zucchini and counting:
The "what is she thinking?" news:  copious amounts of zucchini just calls for experimentation, so we now have "Zany Zucchini" pickles.  Probably the first thing I've ever canned just because it has a fun name.
And the "why-isn't-the-zucchini-bad-news?" news:  The patty pan squash I actually planted back in April?
Not so much looking like a patty pan squash.  I'm thinking maybe acorn?  I wish I could remember what I planted when I actually GOT patty pan squash--was it butternut?  And why do I continue to buy seeds when they're never what they are supposed to be????????

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Cindi V. Walton said...

You really need to tell me where you get your seeds so I'm sure NOT to get mine from the same place. Or were these your own saved seeds before you started to write it down? :)


You know you've reached a whole new level of gardening when you receive a wholesale catalog.....