Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just In Case You Were Wondering About The Dead Mouse....

Um, yeah..........still in the malodorous phase.  I'm just SO glad it's summer.  Speaking of smelly things,
our daisies are going crazy.  I'm not very good at flower arranging, but I only know a few people who would walk into my house and say "Wow, that looks terrible!" and I try to avoid them as much as possible.  My close friends will lie and tell me it looks fabulous,which has a lot to do with why they are my friends.   The fern-looking things are actually cosmos, which are a total weed now and have to be ripped up almost daily to keep them from taking over the entire front flowerbed and making plays for the mailman.  They're a really aggressive flower, but they do make nice greenery filler. 

And when your house smells bad, there's just nothing as good as leaving it, so this morning we went cherry-picking with a friend:

 so I'll be spending the next couple days pitting and freezing cherries. 
Every time we go cherry picking, I come back wishing we had a cherry tree in our yard, but then I remember that we'd be pruning and spraying and dealing with birds and have rotten fruit all over the yard............and then I remember why this is best left to other people.  Even I have my limits..........

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