Friday, July 15, 2011

Lessons Learned This Week

*  If your spouse finds an article extolling the virtues of grass clipping tea for the peppers, don't volunteer to apply the tea unless you have huge allergy problems, a severe cold, or like the smell of fresh cow manure.

*  That first shower doesn't really remove the smell of grass clipping tea, but the third or fourth one seems to.

*  Salting slugs is probably THE most ineffective way to combat the little devils, but it is an oddly satisfying way to spend a summer evening.

*  If your friends warn you that certain plants--say, tomatilloes--aggressively come back the next year, even if you didn't have a problem the first time you planted the things, you should probably believe your friends.

*  By July, I'm a lot less concerned about "eco-friendly" and a lot more interested in "wholesale bug slaughter"

*  Anyone who doesn't believe the plants are just mocking me now needs to explain how I have a zinnia growing in the front lawn when I've had to reseed them in the flowerbed 3 times.

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