Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear Tea Party

This is a 5 year graph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average as of today.  If President Obama is doing such a bad job, why is the market almost to where it was when the bottom fell out of the mortgage industry, WHICH HAPPENED DURING BUSH'S PRESIDENCY???????????????  

Guess that whole stimulus, cut-taxes-for-the-MIDDLE-CLASS thing must have worked.  And if you'll also notice, the market didn't start to stumble until the Tea Party lunatics in Congress started holding America's debt payments hostage. exactly would THAT be Obama's fault?????  Oh, yeah--IT ISN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Not that the DJIA is the best index to measure the stock market by, but since Fox and the Tea Party keep citing it to bash the President, it makes the actual performance of this particular index highly relevant.) 

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Killiecrankie Farm said...

ahhh - sensible observations - you know that gets in the road of a nice front page statement !


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