Monday, August 1, 2011

I Can Almost Hear!!!!

After several days of suffering through home remedies for water in the ear (and drops in the ear are every bit as bad as I remember them being), we have discovered

I do NOT have water in my ear

REALLY wish we would have figured that out before doing the vinegar/alcohol drops every few hours.  Nope, I have allergies.  We've actually known that for a while--in fact, the garden gives my arms a rash almost daily, and I've been controlling my sneezing with an antihistamine.  But the medication isn't doing anything about my ears.  So yesterday I tried sitting under a sheet with our steam vaporizer (on a 97-degree day, nonetheless) breathing in steam and eucalyptus oil, then holding my nose and trying to push air through my ears to unblock the Eustachian tubes.  The good news is that one ear is finally unblocked, and the second one can at least unblock once in a while.  I'll have to experiment with allergy medications to find one that will stop my sneezing AND unblock the ears, but ANYTHING is better than eardrops all the time!

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Abby said...

During allergy season, I use a neti pot daily. Cleaning out the sinuses helps the ears. My daughter recommends consuming a teaspoon of local honey daily. Also, massage your face where the sinuses lie - above and below brow, under eyes, along nose - and tug on your ears a bit. Hope you feel better!


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