Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm Only Four Behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, we all know that for the last 3 years, one of my goals is always to read 100 books during the year.  This year, for good or bad, has a little thing that is allowing me to track my progress, and the obnoxious helpful little thing keeps telling me how far behind I am.  I have no idea if it would tell me if I were ahead or not, as that hasn't actually happened this year.  Last night at about 10:30 I finished an audio book, and am now only 4 books behind schedule.  Whee!!!!!!!!!!!

I realize that reading is a hobby and some most people would view it as an enjoyable--potentially even relaxing--thing to do, so the fact that my little Type-A self can take it and turn it into a challenge with deadlines and progress reports has probably led a few people to think I'm playing with a few tiles short of a Scrabble board.  BUT 1.) challenges are a fun (usually) thing for me, and 2.)  reading 100 books a year instead of 5 or 6 makes me a lot more open-minded about reading choices.  One of my recent books was a biography of Johnny Carson that I found at a used bookstore for $1.  Since I am not much for celebrities and biographies of anyone who didn't do something big in history, this was a stretch for me, but it was interesting.  I certainly got my $1's worth of entertainment out of it, and there was a lot about the history of television in America that I didn't know or had never thought of even.  That's worth a buck.

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