Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Mutant Salsa Day!

I now believe that my garden plots every night just to come up with new and different ways to be completely weird.  

The tomatoes are finally producing,
and growing like maniacs:
and the squash/weed/volunteer produce corner is doing well.  I would ask you to forgive the weeds, but last time I weeded this area I killed off one of the squash, and I destroyed half the strawberries by weeding, so I am apparently the Weeder of Death and have mostly given up such activities.  Besides, part of these weeds are volunteer tomatoes and tomatilloes, which are at least edible,
which I'm sort of counting as a gardening "success" at this point.

The eggplant has set on,
which would REALLY be exciting if we were eggplant fans.  It's okay, but not my favorite.  I love how the plant looks, however, and can obviously be persuaded to plant anything in the spring.

The volunteer zucchini seems to be coming back from the squash bug attach and de-infestation pruning,
 though it's doing so in a very unusual manner.
Now it's growing long arms and spindly leaves.  With my luck, it will turn into a spaghetti squash or something.  The yellow zucchini that I actually planted is totally dead, of course, though the should-have-been-pattypan-but-turned-out-to-be-acorn is alive and healthy.  Squash:  3.  Toni:  0

It's been a mustard week here, with 4 1/2 cups of cranberry mustard now hopefully "blending" into something that tastes a whole lot better than it did when it went into the jars:
It looks a lot like a fruit smoothie, in all honesty.  I'm guessing it will be hard to take to potluck dinners and parties without an accompanying explanation......

Yesterday I made basil-shallot mustard:

which I hope is good as we have a lot of it, but it isn't a canned recipe so will only keep for a few months.  Interestingly, it seems that the mustard recipes which are cooked need a few days before they taste like they're supposed to, while the ones that don't cook do not.  It seems like it should be the opposite.  After enduring the aromatic horror of cooking mustard, one should at least have some reassurance that the end result will be worth all the fumes.

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