Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things I Have Learned This Week

*  One can indeed make and can homemade chicken soup with a pressure canner.  Doing so, however, explains why Campbell's soup was SUCH a big hit as soon as it came out. 

*  I may demand to see proof of actual illness before agreeing to open my 9 precious pint jars of chicken soup.  It's not a lot to show for a day-long project, so I think this would be fair.

*  The squash you didn't plant will always have a greater will to live than the ones you did plant.

*  Be flexible.  If one has plans almost every night all summer long, it might be time to put the "new weekly free event" plan on hold until fall.....or one learns to live without sleep.

*  There is no show that television has or will ever produce that is even half as much fun as forming a musical club with friends and spending regular evenings singing and/or playing instruments.

*  Having Goodreads continually reminding me that I am behind on my book reading becomes slightly motivating once I start moving from 10 books behind to 5 books behind

*  If one is reading 100 books a year, one can lighten up and read "mildly enjoyable" books.  When just reading 10 a year, books have a lot more to live up to.

*  I am a much happier gardener once tomatoes start ripening

*  It's not as difficult as one might think to accidentally change one's Facebook page to start speaking Portuguese. 

*  I have lots of friends, but I really gravitate toward those who are pretty much up for anything over the ones who dislike or "won't do" long lists of stuff.  Life is too short for negativity.

*  One CAN save a squash plant after it has been attacked by squash bugs by cutting off all infected parts of the plant and hoping for the best, but only if the squash plant has a tremendous desire to live.

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RobinH said...

I foresee that we will be able to judge the seriousness of your colds this winter by whether or not you're willing to open a jar of soup for them...

And music clubs are such fun! We hosted ours this past weekend. And there's an instrumental jam tomorrow if I can get myself together enough to attend. Do you and Andy play instruments, sing or both?


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