Thursday, September 22, 2011

Five Years Already

Tomorrow is our fifth wedding anniversary.  To say that it feels like time has flown by would be an understatement.  Which is probably a really good sign, when I think about it.  After all, the saying is "Time flies when you're having fun."

And what can have we learned in our five years together?

*  No one can steal covers when the comforter is heavy enough

*  We are both idiotically devoted to our cats

*  My "organization sweeps" often lead to future scavenger hunts

*  Play to your strengths.  While Andy is by far the better birder, I am the champion mouse/vole catcher.

*  Pantry moths really must be one of the fabled plagues of Egypt--I don't care what anyone says

*  Don't start planning recipes until we actually see what comes up in the garden

*  Early adversity can really help you become a team much faster.

*  Don't try to explain to your husband why there are 38 "off-white" paint samples pinned on the wall.

*  Deciding to give up processed foods for an entire year can bring you closer together......and make all your friends doubt your sanity.

*  It's best not to tackle problems in ordinary ways.  One can fight about money, or go on three-month spending bans to explore one's spending habits.  Why not take the option that will actually be fun?

*  It's okay to weed out friends who don't behave well.  We have lots of friends who do, and we need space for the new ones we find.

*  Life can be an adventure.

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