Friday, September 9, 2011

The Garden of Surprises

Really, my garden feels a lot like Mr. Sassafras's garden.  If I planted pumpkins and pumpkins actually came up, that would indeed be a surprise.  Especially since I'm still waiting to find out what one of the Hubbard squash plants will turn out to be.  It's not looking much like the one that actually has turned out to be a Hubbard, so I'm thinking perhaps pumpkin?  I now know what acorn squash looks like since that's what my patty pan squash turned out to be, so it isn't that.  Maybe it's a new type of squash altogether.  Which is why these are so surprising:
I planted several different types of zinnias this year and they're all coming up.  Really--every last one of them.  I'm so surprised that I didn't even pay that much attention to what types they were when I planted them.  I know the bottom one is called "Envy," but I think there are a couple different types of striped zinnias.  I was so doubtful that they would grow that I'm not even sure where I put the seed packet.

Planting something and that actually being what comes up....huh.  That's a really interesting concept...........

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KT said...

Pretty flowers!!

We are thinking about canning salsa/tomato sauce/etc. this weekend. Hopefully it goes as well as yours looks like it did!

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