Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lessons Learned This Week

*  No matter how long until your next appointment, DO NOT go near a pair of scissors when you're frustrated with a bad haircut

*  One can make a bad haircut worse in a shockingly short amount of time

*  It is possible to forget every year how long salsa takes to make.  This is probably why I keep making it.

*  After a year when I actually had to buy tomatoes to can, I decided to plant as many as I could this year, saying "One can never have too many tomatoes."  22 pounds of tomatoes in their first real week might just prove me wrong.....

*  From a safe spot on Andy's office window seat, Theo is a very good guard cat.

*  When I'm proud of myself for finally remembering to chop and freeze fresh basil into ice cubes, I can't be bothered to measure.

*  When pulling out plants in the garden, it's best not to look to closely to see if those things are aphids or slug bait.  Pulling fast means it won't matter either way

*  The first year I owned a house, I threw some Purple Raffles basil seeds in a pot, and it grew.  Then someone told me it was really hard to grow and I couldn't get it to grow ever again.  THIS spring, someone else told me it was really easy to grow, and I was again able to start some from seed.  If I'm this open to suggestion, will someone please tell me that eating potato chips won't make me fat????

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Alacaeriel said...

Potato chips won't make you fat - so long as you keep exercising. But I think gardening is dealing with that, so you should have no problems at all


You know you've reached a whole new level of gardening when you receive a wholesale catalog.....