Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things We Have Learned This Week

*  Just about the time the garden is really paying off always seems to coincide with the time I am sick of the sight of it.

*  There are probably much smarter things to do than garden if one has allergies, but none as likely to produce fresh tomatoes

*  A "one year supply" of our favorite all-purpose salsa is 28 pints.  It might be the only thing in our lives that doesn't change from year to year

*  If you really want definite proof of which direction the wind storm was blowing, go check on the flowers that used to be 8-feet tall

*  In spite of the fact that I've been canning for some time now, I really actually thought it would be a good idea to make AND can 3 different recipes today.............after doing the weekly grocery shopping.  This probably explains a lot about the blog.

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Cindi V. Walton said...

That has to be a record! Three-a-day! But, I was thinking as I was cleaning up the kitchen Sunday night after canning tomato sauce how tired I felt. And, then, I thought about my mother, her mother, and her mother, etc., and how they used to do all this while they made breakfast, lunch and dinner and took care of the kids, too. They were a tough bunch! You should ask your grandmother how she did that.

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