Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Update Wednesday

*  I think most of the time the cats consider me somewhat of a dolt.  Except when it rains--then they think I'm a god with the power to stop the rain if they whine loud enough.

*  I failed to plant a fall garden again this year.  I truly intended to, but it's hard to want to extend the growing season of something you're getting really tired of.

*  It was 90 degrees here on Sunday, and today's high will be 56. I have now become one of those little ladies who complains about the weather.  A lot.

Goodreads has updated it's reading challenge tally to be able to tell me that I'm now THREE books ahead for the year.  And I thought I was a maniac when I was behind..............

When one is scrambling to harvest and preserve all the things we really like--cucumbers, tomatoes, basil--before the garden dies, it's hard to remember things like eggplant.

*  Farmer's Almanac suggests moving fragile herbs like basil and tarragon inside for winter.  That's fine for the tarragon, but they must grow MUCH smaller basil than I did.

The most obvious flaw in square foot gardening has surfaced:  How to harvest potatoes without killing the plants surrounding the potato tower?  Apparently we may only find out if we got potatoes once the peppers are dead.

When the house is freezing, it's much easier to spend the day in the kitchen over a hot stove.

Today will be more canning.  Yeah, I know--what a shock.


Abby said...

I like the *idea* of gardening year round, but like you, am pretty sick of it by October. The only fall planting I do is garlic bulbs.

Cindi V. Walton said...

Tarragon can spend the winter outside and be quite happy come spring. There two plants that give you reasons not to bring them in and not feel guilty about.

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