Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things To Do When One Has A Cold.......

Thanks to our insane temperature swings (90 on Sunday, into the 40s the last few days), I have developed a cold in addition to seasonal allergies, so it seemed a good time to make some lemon-sage mustard.

This part:
(steeping fresh sage leaves in white wine) smells okay, but this part:
(cooking the mustard until it thickens) stinks.  It's possible that it might have healing powers, as people used to treat colds or flu or bronchitis with mustard plasters, but that might be one of those home-remedies that never really worked but was so awful everyone thought it must do SOMETHING.  Personally, having experienced at least one during my childhood, I have always been convinced that it was either to make sure kids weren't faking illness in order to miss school, or that one felt so good to have the mustard plaster removed that  one felt the illness had improved.  Either way,
we have 3 jars of some really good mustard, but I still have a cold...........

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