Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lessons Learned Today

*  Celebrate the small things.  Having solved the problem of cornmeal and polenta being mixed up is an achievement.  That the new corn-products-all-over-the-floor-of-the-pantry-problem has not been resolved yet is an entirely separate issue.

*  Being proud of oneself for finally thinking to buy a restaurant-sized stockpot for canning would make a lot more sense if one had thought to buy a spoon with a restaurant-sized handle.

*  Making a double batch of vegetable broth to can would make far more sense if one figured out ahead of time how to strain broth if its volume exceeds everything you own except the stockpot it's already IN, and whether or not the subsequent number of jars also exceeds the capacity of the pressure canner.

No matter how many problems one encounters, it's hard to have a bad day when there is chocolate-peanut butter ice cream involved.

*  The fact that I'm always surprised when the lawn-care program we signed up for notifies me that something else needs to be done to the lawn is probably the best illustration of why we NEED a lawn care program.

*  Ignoring the green tomatoes hasn't made them go away, but at least it makes them turn red.

*  No matter how this vegetable broth turns out, the fact that it is the last thing I'm making with the pressure canner this year makes it my favorite canned thing EVER!

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