Tuesday, December 6, 2011

And How Many Thought It Would Take Less Than 24 Hours For Toni to "Over-do?"

In my defense, I think it's just a wee bit too much, and I am now resting.  My first physical therapy session yesterday went really well, and it's already helping.  It turns out the cause of the whole problem is in my hip, not my back--my back is just getting the brunt of the issue.  Aside from the part of the therapy that involves a strong young man yanking on my legs, I think is a really good thing as the hip seems a lot less fragile than the back, and the therapy is all about fixing the actual cause of all the problems, so I think this is the best possible result I could have ended up with.  So, I am going to be ALL better soon.  Probably not even the pesky small back issues that had been leading up to this episode.  Can you blame me for being a tad bit over-exuberant?

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Abby said...

When pain goes away, it is sort of like not hitting oneself with a 2x4 anymore - what a relief! Make sure you get all better *before* gardening season starts. Perhaps some seed catalogs would add to the bribe? And maybe you could do a long post on your square foot gardening experience?

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