Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Have To Show You These

Over the last three weeks, I have been finding these
stashed around the house (thankfully in quite obvious places, as much of that time has been spent under the influence of pain pills).  They're little bottles of perfume, and usually when we hide such things for each other, we try to be really tricky so it will take a long time to find, but Andy said that the Perfume Fairy thought I needed a little cheering up during all of this.  How sweet is that?

Of course, since the whole back saga has meant Andy has been doing double duty with work and nursing and hosting parties, I recently ordered this,
for some knitted socks as a big THANK YOU for everything he's done.  It would have been a sweater if that wouldn't take so long (though I admit it's still tempting).  As soon as I am back to fully functional, I think we'll need to arrange a week with NO chores for Andy as well. :)

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