Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Have To Show You This

We have lots of friends we exchange Christmas gifts with, but we have some special friends who are always First Priority when thinking of cool gifts to make, and it's really the excitement of coming up with great gift ideas and the excitement of giving them to our friends that really makes Christmas for us--and I am sure for them.  I have to show you one of the things they made for us this year:
It's a calendar!  And of course it features Theo, my little sidekick, "helping" me--this time to block a lace shawl that was probably cat hair-free for 12 seconds after I finished it. 

They added pictures from our trip to Colorado:
 our cherry-picking excursion:
 and even canning!
The canning picture REALLY made me laugh, as we do refer to August-October as "canning season" around here.  (I think others call it "fall?")  I just thought that was SUCH a clever idea--sort of a memento of previous years to mark the new one.  And we get to enjoy it all year!!!!

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