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Okay, Sometimes Martha Has Some Good Ideas

Normally, I am not a Martha Stewart fan at all. She reminds me of a bossy older sibling with her insistence that she is sharing the "Perfect Way" to do everything, and her lists of daily and weekly cleaning tasks just make me laugh. But I do have to concede that she does have some good ideas once in a while. Like this:

Growing File - Martha Stewart Home & Garden

for keeping seeds organized and keeping track of what grows and what doesn't. Now in our 4th year of gardening, it finally occurred to me this year to pay attention to what types of plants I'm growing and whether or not they work. Apparently I've even gotten smart enough to not even ATTEMPT the traditional heirloom-tomato-that-sounds-fun-but-never-actually-gives-us-tomatoes experiment. I'm not saying I'm actually going to go running out there with index cards in hand because mine would be too filthy to read in about an hour, but I will admit that it might be helpful if I did..........

They're Back!

About a week ago, I found a small dark moth in the cupboard where we keep the coffee cups.  Being no moth expert, I couldn't tell for certain that it WAS a pantry moth (possibly because I smushed him too quickly), and if he was he was one of the dumber sort as he had moved into a cupboard containing glass and stoneware, so I washed up the moth guts and went on with my life.

Shortly thereafter, there was a small moth in the pantry.  Not in any food--just in the pantry.  Far more worrying, but I squashed him and checked all the containers yet again to make sure they were properly sealed.  This time a bit more unnerved but unable to find any further traces, I went on with life, but a bit more alert.

Yesterday, however, we unmistakably found two of the little demons.  No longer messing around, Andy squashed them both, we again checked everything in the pantry, replaced the old moth traps, and are now slightly loopy from the industrial moth killer Andy sprayed on the walls.

We are h…

Heaven Help Me, I Have Planted 18 Tomato Plants

In my defense, however, 9 are being "square foot gardened,"
which means one tomato plant is planted per square foot, and then I viciously trim them back enough that they can climb the wall of hog wire we'll put behind them.  While the square foot gardening guy has been doing this for almost as long as I've been alive, and it obviously works or else he wouldn't still be doing this, I just can't fathom this, so I have 9 plants that--even though I am sure he's not lying--I just can't really believe will produce many tomatoes.

We're also trying three Wall-of-Water tomatoes, and I took the W-O-Ws off two of them today, and they didn't look good
so I'm giving the third one another few days.  To fair, this scraggly looking thing does have flowers on it................but it also can't stand up without support.  So that's actually 12 plants that I'm unsure of, so really I might just have 6 tomato plants, which is far less than usual, so…

It's Not "Judgement Day" I'm Waiting For....

......It's the day the non-crazy Christians finally get fed up enough with all the errant nonsense floating around to set aside that whole "Brotherly Love" thing long enough to open a can of Whupass on the fringe-loonies giving them a bad name.

Things I Have Learned This Week

*  When Yahoo updates, I lose my calendar settings.  When Blogger updates, I lose my blog post complaining about the Yahoo updates.

*  A decorative thistle is still a thistle

*  Only an idiot tries to do all the spring planting in one day.

*  Just because a "flat" of petunias takes up about the same room that 20 petunia seedlings might take up, it does not therefore mean that a flat contains 20 petunias.  The number seems closer to 50.

*  100 petunias is a LOT of petunias.

*  100 petunias take up more space than one might think.

*  No matter how many times I verify it in the book, having 4 potato plants in one square foot is a bit frightening to me--especially now that the plants are growing at least an inch a day.

*  Strawberry plants can survive a lot of things, but apparently not my weeding attempts.

*  I'm less crabby about the moles eating our tulip bulbs now that the iris are starting to bloom

*  Finding out that a flower is a "heavy reseeder" before pl…

Dear Newly "Upgraded" Yahoo Mail:

Obviously, I now have your new version....mostly because you took away my old version.  I suppose it is now handy that I can see when I'm on line.  In case I ever decide to Instant Message myself, I'm sure this will be useful knowledge.  However, it might have been slightly more useful if you had kept my calendar settings, or notified me that you had changed them so my husband and I could no longer see each other's calendars.  Although, I must admit that in usual scheduling problems, at least one of us knows what is going on, so it was indeed a unique experience that neither of us had any clue.  I don't think we could have managed that without your help.  I suppose I should thank you for keeping our lives "interesting."

However, as summer is coming and lots and lots of garden bugs which will also be determined to make our lives interesting, perhaps you could just stop doing upgrades for a little while--at least until I relocate my contacts and my calendar.


I'm Sure I'll Get Used To It......

...but right now my closet is looking like it was struck by some hideous Organizational Barbie.  Blame it on these:
which I found on clearance at Fred Meyer, because no one else wants a Barbie closet either. 

Note to self:  "frugality" might need to have some limits in the future............

Whoo Hoo!

We can now harvest mustard greens, lettuce AND spinach!

And if we were trying to truly "live off the land," we'd be starving.

Back To Food History...

I haven't been writing about food research for a while, mostly because I'm up to the 1960s and 1970s in the 2 part Harvey Levenstein food history work, and it's complicated and sometimes downright weird.  On the one hand, Ralph Nader is making some justified attacks of the food industry, and some that were probably completely over-the-top.  On another hand, linked to the hippie movement are THE most bizarre food fads since pre-World War 1.  On yet another hand, the successful but completely manipulative method of attacking the messenger in order to taint the message was exploding, which to me is almost the most interesting part.  I had read another book that had attributed this technique to the tobacco industry and their fight to discredit all the reports that linked (quite correctly) smoking and lung cancer, but in the food wars, it seems to go back into the 1960s, and I thought the tobacco industry didn't start defending itself until the 1970s, but I could easily be …

Shhh, Can You Hear All That Scrambling??

It's Fox News trying to make the death of Osama Bin Laden a negative for the Obama Administration.