Sunday, January 22, 2012

1 Down, 11 To Go

Recently a friend of mine posted on Facebook that her doctor had advised her to lose 10 pounds.  After being shocked by the number of people who commented that she needed to find a different doctor and trying to be supportive, I suggested she do something fun with it--like made a goal of trying 12 new fruits/veggies this year.  Well, that DOES sound like fun to me, so I decided Andy and I should do it as well.  Next time I went grocery shopping, I looked for something we had never tried before, and proudly came home with red bananas.  Andy was all for it, so I pealed the first one, we each took a bite....

and we hate them.  Chalky, bitter, and with an aftertaste that is almost impossible to get rid of.  We assumed then that they were a eat-cooked-only sort of fruit, but when I searched on the internet, they receive rave reviews for an "eat fresh" banana.  So we're hoping that perhaps the ones I bought were rather green and that they improve as they ripen.......and are very thankful I only bought two of the things. 

Let's hope experiment number two is more successful.

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