Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things I Have Learned This Week

*  Walking in a pool for an hour is pretty tiring if you've spent a fair bit of the last 7 weeks laying on heating pads

*  Sunny winter days are mostly frustrating if the cold irritates your back too much to go walking and driving around involves too much sitting

*  I realize that it's a very, very bad thing for water levels, but I'm hoping our lack of snow and ice continues until my hip/back issue is completely resolved

*  It may save space to try to use the resistance balls at the gym instead of buying your own, but it would also require a much different attitude toward dirt and grime

*  A heating pad gets surprisingly hotter with a large cat stretched out on top of the person laying on the heating pad

*  A surprising number of people go the pool at our gym and just sit on the steps. 

*  The idea that I might have actually injured myself by walking on a treadmill makes me far more cautious about going up and down the stairs--and makes that bubble wrap ensemble fairly tempting.........

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