Monday, January 9, 2012

This is the Plan

The biggest problem with canning--well, besides that all that standing being what actually uncovered the hip problem that resulted in the emergency room saga--is that one needs lots of storage space if one has lots of jars.  Since I was incapacitated at the time, Andy rearranged the storage space underneath the stairs, and got all the jars put away:
In other years, I have put flats of jars away as they were filled, but that left me with rummaging around through entire flats of jam or salsa while looking for something totally different--like relish.  This year I thought it might be easier to mix jars up into flats of things that might be needed around the same time.  So, yesterday I pulled out one of the flats
and moved all but a few jars into our pantry.  Admittedly, one does not always need a new jar of green tomato chutney, but carrot salsa is always nice to have on hand, and the roasted red pepper spread is simply a treasure.  So, I think this is good.  The one problem is, of course, if one had something specific in mind--like the salsa I was actually after when I crawled into the closet in the first place.  In that scenario, it's a bit like the scavenger hunt from hell.  I'm thinking that I just need to change my expectations a bit.  While I might have had taco salads in mind, when one finds roasted garlic pasta sauce and has some pasta to put it on and has a green side salad with it, one still has lunch.  I have decided to just treat this as my own personal Iron Chef contest, and shall just hope that the flats with the more unusual items--piccalilli relish and green tomato chutney--are well spread out throughout the crawl space. 

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Abby said...

What a good idea! I just bought a "pantry" from Target, so I can get the jars off the wire shelves before it is time to start tomato seedlings. How many days until spring?

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