Sunday, January 29, 2012

This is the Way We Pop A Hip....

is my new toy for popping my pelvic bones back into place.

are my new toys to help keep the pelvic bones where they are supposed to be.  After 2 months of therapy, my muscles have grown strong enough to require a bit of help in order to be worked.   I do my physical therapy exercises every day.........and that silly 25 minute walk on Friday really did knock my hip back out of line again.  Dang it!

So today I went to the pool to walk laps again, and feeling rebellious and angry, I did things I'm probably not supposed to do.  At the deepest part of the pool (only actually 4 feet as Idaho Athletic Club skimped on everything in this gym) I ran instead of walked.  I did grapevine as fast as I could.  Then I ran some more.  For two and a half months I've been doing everything I'm supposed to be doing and my hip is still "fragile."  I keep breaking the bands they give me for resistance walking exercises and finally had to be upgraded to the toughest band they have and I still can't walk 25 minutes.  I'm angry and frustrated and impatient, and at least if I caused my hip to go out again I'll know it was doing things I shouldn't  have done instead of the ones I'm supposed to be doing.   Sometimes you just have to rebel.


Abby said...

Ouch! I assume they have told you not to sit cross-legged at all, ever again? I have a tendency to curl my left leg under my left hip when sitting on the couch, swinging my right leg over the left. Needless to say, my right hip does not like this even though it feels so comfy when I am doing it. It is hell getting old!

Toni said...

That's what I thought, but here's the odd thing--they said that was fine, even good. When my pelvic bone turns wrong, it turns INWARD, and a huge part of my treatment is stretching and increasing my flexibility, so sitting cross-legged is one of the LEAST problematic things I'm doing. I was initially shocked at how MUCH we're stretching--not duration but how much it seems like we're trying to pull me apart at the seams. Obviously, I know nothing about the human body or healing--everything new they do surprises me. No wonder I'm in physical therapy!

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