Thursday, February 2, 2012

12 12s

As most of you know, I am a big New Year's Resolution person.  Not in the sense that most people are--"I want to lose weight," "I want to exercise more"--that sort of thing, but new projects ever year. 

Some knitting friends and I were bouncing ideas around about what to do for 2012, and the idea of doing "12 12s" came up.  Doing a list of 12 things, and doing 12 of each of the things.  I thought it was a fantastic idea, and cheerfully pilfered it. 

My list of 12 items for 2012:

1.  Try 12 new fruits/vegetables
2.  Read 12 books from the library book sales we keep going to
3.  Try 12 new recipes
4.  Plant 12 types of flowers (they don't all have to grow)
5.  Take 12 exercise classes at the gym
6.  Try 12 exercise tapes/dvds
7.  Donate 12 things
8.  Learn 12 new songs on piano or guitar
9.  Read 12 classics
10.  12 days without the internet
11.  Give 12 "just because" gifts
12.  Do 12 new things

Obviously, I'm skewing this a bit to go with things I'm already doing (reading 100 books a year, building up my hip muscles), but it is mostly about having fun and always trying new things--not to mention making the hip problem slightly more fun than it currently is...which probably isn't too difficult.  :)

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Abby said...

Is that 12 days of no Internet in a row? Or one day a month? In general, I avoid my PC in the evenings and on weekends, but usually at least check my email. That is because I am on the PC all day for work, M-F. Good luck with all your goals!

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