Friday, February 3, 2012

New Thing Number 1

Just because something isn't exactly fun, doesn't mean it won't count for my list.

This week I had my first mammogram.  I was supposed to have one last year since that's when I turned 40, but I forgot, so it was available for New Thing #1 status.  And, to be honest, it isn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be.  It's weird and a bit awkward, but it doesn't hurt.  I was actually shocked at how often I've heard people complain about it hurting.  These people have obviously not gotten tetanus shots recently (which are STILL my least-favorite medical happening, including the "annual wellness exam for women").  It might have helped that I had just come from a really hard workout in the pool so the REST of me was actually hurting, but it still wasn't that bad.

However, I'm going to aim a bit higher for entertainment value for New Things number 2-12....which shouldn't be all that hard, considering.............

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Abby said...

My last mammogram was excruciating! Made me cry. It depends on the technician and how careful she is not to twist anything.

For thing #2, you could have a root canal. People complain about those, but mine did not hurt at all. Ah, the wonders of drugs!

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