Monday, February 6, 2012

New Thing Number 2

Saturday I attended a gospel music singing workshop.  I've never really sung in a choir and not being religious, I've never sung gospel music, but I thought it would be a lot of fun and since we're part of a music club, I was interested to learn more about singing.  It was also my first full-day commitment since hurting my back, so I was a bit nervous about it, but I figured since it was singing, we'd be standing most of the time.  Right?

Very, very wrong.  We sat.  As a precaution, I'd taken the prescription-strength pain killers before leaving the house and taken the Valium with me, and for a while, it was all good.  We did get to periodically stand, which helped, but it wasn't enough.  The singing was fun and everyone was as nice as they could be, and though I was disappointed that the term "workshop" really just meant to learn a whole bunch of songs by mimicking rather than by reading music, it was fun to sing with a group learning parts and putting them all together, and I thought we sounded great.  But my back did NOT make the entire day, and I ended up ducking out early and missing the evening concert, then spending the rest of the day and most of yesterday in bed with heating pads and Valium.

Who would have thought a gospel music workshop would be a lot more painful than a mammogram?

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Abby said...

I'm not much of a singer, but as a child, I did participate in several choirs and choruses. And yes, we always sat down to practice, even though the performances were sung standing up. Weird.

Theo's tummy just invites a good rub!

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