Sunday, February 19, 2012

On Being Married..........

"Why not paint all the walls at once?"

I think in every relationship, one person is going to be better acquainted with reality than the other one.  No matter HOW many times I have regretted my optimism, I never seem to get any smarter.  What could possibly make more sense to anyone spending 2-3 hours a day doing physical therapy and exercising?  Packing up and moving the ENTIRE contents of her sewing room--that's what.  

Andy, the smarter person in our relationship, wanted to get started on the shelves for my sewing room this weekend.  Great, I said, and we can paint the wall first.  (By "we" I of course mean "him").  Then, because the idea is to have 2 walls be one color and 2 walls be another, I decided to get enough stuff moved to allow him to paint 2 walls.  Then (and can't you just see the instant the brain completely snapped?), I said, as long as I'm moving that much stuff around in the sewing room, why don't we just do the whole thing and get it over with?  Bless his little heart--no matter how tempting it was to respond "Because you just got out of physical therapy two days ago and this sounds like a colossally stupid idea," he said "sure thing."  If that isn't love, I don't know what is.

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