Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Warning: Exuberance May Be Hazardous To My Health

Yesterday I had (what we assume to be) my last physical therapy session for my hip.  My therapist did all sorts of tests--one involving me to be bungee-corded to the wall--and said I looked great and extremely strong.  I see the spine specialist later this week, but we're pretty sure he'll say I'm well enough to just continue on my own.

I left the office ELATED!  And apparently with quite a spring in my step..........as I threw my hip out again.  At first I couldn't--and wouldn't--believe it, but there is just no other way for me to go from feeling fine to hurting and feeling that painful squashing feeling in my back.  I did a few of my exercises when I got home, spent quite some time with the heating pad, took a little Valium, and decided to deal with it in the morning.

And here's the good news:  it is back in place this morning!!!!!  As long as it turns only slightly, there is still a chance that it can move back by itself, and that means that my muscles are strong enough to start holding it in place.  That they can't quite do so YET doesn't bother me nearly as much--only 1 month ago they couldn't do it at all.  So, this proves everything is working, and--as I told Andy yesterday--I am now a muscular She-Woman!  His laughing fit subsided after only 10 minutes............................

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