Thursday, March 15, 2012

And What Am I Doing When I'm Not Rabble-Rousing?

We're redoing the sewing room!
Andy painted it, built me a "temporary sewing table" (he's rather apologetic as the $30 particle board, leftover paint, and 2 by 4 structure is not up to his normal woodworking standards, but it's light years ahead of the folding plastic tables I've been using).

He's still building some nice shelving to go on the wall with the doors, so most things cannot be moved back in yet, so the upstairs of our house currently looks like we have been attacked by a craft store.  My ability to sit is still pretty limited, so sewing is a bit of a challenge still, but that's okay as even if I could sit with ease, I don't have the faintest idea where anything IS, so I couldn't do much sewing now anyway.  That green fabric on the back table is a dress I had started about 7 years ago when I first got back into sewing, and it was over my head at the time, so I put it away.  Luckily, everything--pattern, directions, pattern pieces--managed to stay altogether through 2 moves and 2 massive sewing room projects, so I can work on that in stages.  It will be a cute dress for winter, which makes it positively pointless right now with spring coming, but beggars can't be choosers............

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