Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Anniversary - Finally

So, through one thing and another (meaning "canning" and "back injury"), we had never yet gone to get our anniversary scents to celebrate our 5 year anniversary (September), so we went to the mall last night.  For Andy we found:
Cologne with a belt clip!  Does it get more manly than this?  They should have called it "Tool Belt."

In my closet is a fine selection of bags that I have received as free gifts for purchasing perfumes.  Somewhere I even have a desk clock, which conveniently stopped working right about the time I ran out of perfume, which I think was planned.  They're all nice, I guess, and as a knitter I've put a few of the bags to good use, but this year
I got martini glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now THAT is a good free gift!  Score!

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