Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Super Tuesday........

...........or, as those who have been following any of the Republican primary process probably know it, "Bat-Shit-Crazy Day."  The NY Times reports that Gingrich has taken Georgia, doing better with "older and less-educated voters."  Which should make him a strong candidate here in Idaho.

Most shockingly, Romney is a consistently clear favorite with one group:  those making over $200,000 a year.  It isn't clear at this time if they really think that someone who drove business after business OUT of business with leveraged buyouts really IS a good contender to put the economy back in order, or if they just want to find out how to hide money in off-shore accounts.  Or maybe they want to make money in a leveraged buyout of the U.S. by Lithuania if he's elected.

The NY Times mentioned that, in spite of the recent controversies over Rush Limbaugh and contraception, Ohio voters were still mostly concerned about the economy.  This is because they are REPUBLICANS.  These would be the people voting in the Republican Primary.  That's like asking Southern whites if civil rights was an issue in the 1960 election.  Ask a Democrat about the economy and they would have said that with employment numbers up and the financial markets having reached their highest point since 2008 when Bush was still president,  all signs pointing to a recovery which makes Obama all but unbeatable come November.  They would also probably have mentioned that with sponsors dropping Rush Limbaugh faster than Gingrich can drop a dying wife, the Republican War on Women is a very, very big factor in the upcoming election.

Romney is fairing less well in the South, where the Washington Post reports 6 out of 10 voters (or 60% in states that still teach math) say that it is really important that candidates share their religious beliefs--except if Romney will agree to call off the Mormon Missionaries in that part of the world.

Ron Paul is doing best in the younger candidates, especially those who have never heard of check books and don't know that it is because of the Federal Reserve System that checks written in one state can get cleared in another.  Meanwhile, Paul has declared that "The cause of liberty is on a roll."  (I'm thinking he probably means a white one and not whole-wheat.)

A Washington Post/ABC News poll reports that the long primary process has "weakened the GOP brand" and that unfavorable views outweighed favorable views for each of the 4 primary candidates.  Apparently "being bat-shit-crazy misogynists" was not one of the categories.

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