Saturday, March 24, 2012

Now What?

I have been given several poinsettias over the years, and my current kill record is one week.  I don't know how exactly I killed it that fast, but it has long been my own personal record.  So when some friends gave us a poinsettia in the first week of December, I had actually made plans to have Andy go buy one Christmas eve so when they came for Christmas I wouldn't have to explain the torturous death I subjected their gift to. 


is what their poinsettia looks like today.  Not only have I not managed to kill it, it has thrived.  Considering how far down the list caring for the houseplants was during the last few months, this plant has QUITE the determination to survive and can handle LOTS of neglect.  My kind of plant!

So, I'm thinking I should probably repot the thing as it's still in it's little foil-lined fake planter, but I'm worried that if I actually start trying with this plant, it will realize who it is living with and die at once.  Has anyone ever kept these things as houseplants for any length of time?


Lori said...

I had one live through a summer, but all the red leaves fell off, and it was just a green plant. By Halloween though it was starting to look really ratty... so I tossed it.

Ella said...

I've never had one of these because they're poisonous and I have very stupid pets but I've read that they thrive best in neglect. They will look horrible over summer but will come back in winter, provided you do not over-water. They must not stand in water at any time because it will cause the roots to rot. Careful minimal watering and keeping out of direct sunlight seems to be the key. Good luck. :-))

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

The red 'leaves' (I think they're called bracts) will eventually fall off. To get them to come back you have to trick the plant into thinking it's in an area with long nights. Look up 'poinsettia care' on line; I think I put mine in a closet for up to 12 hours at a time for a number of weeks and damn, if it didn't flower again! I eventually gave it away when we moved to CA - we couldn't bring our houseplants into the state.

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