Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'd like to say that this didn't actually happen in the Idaho Senate yesterday,


but it did.  Chuck Winder, an Idaho Senator, actually seems to believe that Idaho women don't know the difference between rape and "normal" sexual relations.  Luckily, Chucky-boy has left his Facebook page unmonitored, so helpful people have been explaining the difference.

It's days like these when I want to gather all my friends together and flee this hateful, mean-spirited "Christian" state............

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John Belville said...

I see Chuck took back his statement. In the paper today he said: "Winder said he meant to say he hoped a woman would work with her physician to determine if a fetus resulted from a rape or was, in fact, a result of consensual relations that occurred outside of the attack.
Winder said he was pointing out that a woman would likely want to consult with her physician and perform tests to determine if the child she was carrying was a product of a rape, so as not to allow doctors to abort a consensual conception.
“I used a married woman , the idea being that as a woman or a couple, whether they be married or unmarried at the time, would want to find out if the pregnancy occurred as the product of the rape, or whether the pregnancy was unknown at the time,” Winder told The Associated Press. “There was never any intention on my part to question the honesty of a woman in cases of rape.”

Seems Chuckie's mouth was cashing checks the bank wouldn't cover. Personally, I think he meant every word.

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