Where I've Been - The Results Are In.....

I'm sure it's only for now, but for this legislative session--which will hopefully wrap up on Friday--the mandatory ultrasound bill is dead in Idaho:


It will be back next year, because the elections will be over by then, but I spent 3 hours yesterday in a strategy session with a new organization dedicated to fighting the encroachment of the far-right agenda that is sweeping the nation.  Tuesday I spent researching and helping draft legislation that actually is designed to try to PREVENT teen pregnancies, which is still hopefully going to be presented before the session ends.  Yesterday a candidate was announced to challenge Chuck Winder, and the challenger already has more volunteers for his campaign than any local candidate has ever had.  It's been a LOOOONNNNG week, but I think the people of Idaho--one of the most conservative states in the union--have fought back against this nonsense and won.  For now................


Lori said…
If you wouldn't mind letting us know where to send a check to the new guy.. that'd be grand :)

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