Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm Ready To Talk About It Now

Have you ever just had one of THOSE weekends?  Well, we did last weekend........and since it's now Friday and I'm only just willing to talk about it, it was indeed a whopper.

I have recently been contracted as a political consultant for a campaign here, which is a very GOOD thing, but has really taken up my time in the last two weeks.  So, on top of the back issues, the garden is massively behind.  As is everything else.  In our best divide-and-conquer spirit, last weekend I settled down to do our taxes and Andy headed out to work on the garden.

I do not electronically file our taxes.  First, I spend enough time on computers.  Secondly, my laptop runs on Unix, so nothing is written for it, so I'm not sure if any of the programs would work anyway.  Thirdly, I think filing taxes is enough of an insult without having to pay for the filing or the software.  Our community library still always has forms, and I had picked some up a while ago, but stopped in Saturday to make sure I had everything I needed.  They were out of the 1040, but I got everything else.  Printing one form wouldn't kill me, or so I thought.

There had been a glitch on my laptop, and we had planned to reinstall everything to correct the problems.  Well, because our printer had recently had to be replaced, the new printer couldn't work with my computer until we went ahead with the install.  So, I went out to get Andy from the garden, and he got everything installed.  So far, so good..............except for the printer, which had to talk to the wireless router, which didn't want to be talked to.  A couple hours later, and it was time to print the forms on another computer so Andy could get back to gardening.  This was all fine and good, I settled down to work, then ran into a spot where the line information in the directions was wrong.  "Must be a typo or an early version," I thought.  Then the directions for the next line didn't line up.....which is when I finally realized that the directions that I'd grabbed were for the wrong forms, which wouldn't have been half as annoying if I had discovered this BEFORE the library closed, and wouldn't reopen again until Monday.  Never mind, I thought....I'll just download the directions from the IRS website.

When using UNIX and the open-source (free) software, there are constant free upgrades to the operating system and programs, but some have been debugged more than others.  We had opted to go for the newest version, even though the debugged version was coming out in 2 weeks.  Our rational was that I could live with 2 weeks of clunkiness to save me from having to learn two new systems in 2 weeks.  Normally, this works, but I can now verify that one of the bugs in the new system is the ability to crash the computer when opening a PDF file.  So, I did what I could, but had to put taxes on the back-burner for the weekend as we didn't have another option.

While I was having all the tax fun, Andy was trying to clean up the garden beds and get them ready to plant.  The ground was dry enough to till, so he got out the rototiller, added fertilizer to all the beds, and even was clearing out the spot where I wanted to plant potatoes, when......
the rototiller caught part of the little greenhouse and ate it.  This would be slightly more tragic if I had actually finished replacing that zipper, or if the cover didn't have all sorts of little rips and tears everywhere from the strong winds we get.  $90 for the greenhouse, $50 for replacement zipper............and we've never gotten to use the thing.  And I'd most likely have to replace the second zipper soon anyway.  At this point--probably both giddy with tiredness and ongoing frustration--we have opted to take it apart, pass the parts on to some friends of ours who also bought one of these and have had trouble with interior parts breaking, and we'll just build a solid one this fall.  We have such high winds that no plastic will last out here.  So, all those hours spent outside sewing that blasted zipper?  Pointless.  Live and learn, I guess..........and stock up on white chocolate martini ingredients.

I am happy to report that the plant I so carefully mulched last winter might have survived,
and I'm thinking it might turn out to be the tarragon plant.  Every year I'm just sure I'll remember these things.....and I never do.

The garlic has come up,
my lettuce-in-a-jug worked very well, and I have now seeded spinach and other types of lettuce around them, as well as 4 little broccoli seedlings.
Sunday I planted 8 additional "square feet," then started feeling sick, so ended up resting and feeling lousy the rest of the afternoon.  And THAT was how we spent last weekend.

REALLY lowers the bar for this one......................

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